Unique gifting ideas for Raksha Bandhan

Raksha Bandhan is special, for it celebrates the very special bond between a brother and a sister. Naturally, a gift for an occasion as special has got to be equally remarkable. And, so, this Rakhi, put in a little more thought behind your gift and let your sibling know how much you care.

For the foodie

If your sibling is a veritable gastronome, or simply loves to eat, a luxury gourmet hamper comprising an assortment of artisan cheeses and breads, condiments, sauces and dressings, gourmet tea or coffee etc., is likely to make your sibling’s day. Throw in a few chocolates, a bottle of wine perhaps. If on the other hand, they love to rustle up new dishes in the kitchen, you could create a similar hamper comprising gourmet ingredients that they could experiment with in their kitchen.

For the traveller

What better than gifting your sibling a holiday? Travel companies in the country are crafting interesting travel itineraries for different tastes ranging from culinary tours to adventure holidays and heritage vacations to spa holidays. Pick whatever fits the bill and mood. If possible, join them on their holiday. Disclaimer: Sharing a hotel room with your sibling is potentially hazardous. Proceed with caution.

For the adventure seeker

If your sibling is an adrenaline junkie and often sets out looking for thrilling adventure, what could be better than gifting them the latest adventure gear. Everything from stylish rucksacks and smart trekking footwear to camp furniture and even accessories like compass, flashlights and toolkits could make for wonderful Rakhi gifts.

For the party animal

From personalised beer mugs and chic beer dispensers and decanters to mixology cocktail kits, speakers and portable mini DJ mixers to quirky home decor with funny messages and funky lights to jazz up their party pad – there’s a whole lot of fun stuff to choose from.

For the creative one

Admit it! We all have that creative one in our families. Gift them an opportunity to hone their creative skills. Not only photography, there are fun workshops for most things (pottery, writing, cooking) these days. So, gift your sibling a chance to sharpen up their skills while meeting like-minded people who share their passion. They will thank you for it.

For the fashionable one

Shopping for someone who knows fashion inside out can be quite daunting, we admit. But all bets will be won if you gift them a day at their favourite salon where they can groom and pamper themselves to their heart’s content. Better yet, take them shopping at their favourite fashion outlet.

For the health freak

They might get on your nerves with all their ranting about unhealthy habits but they do have a point. Show your appreciation by gifting them something that will only make them reach their goals quicker. There are numerous fitness gadgets to choose from – most allow one to track everything from calories burnt besides other statistics; levels of activity achieved; and then there are those that even deliver coaching plans and help set fitness goals. On the other hand, a hamper comprising healthy organic food, health bars and shakes might also do the trick.

For the workaholic

Personalised business card holders with their names embossed on it could make for a wonderful Rakhi gift for your achiever sibling. Or you could gift them personalised office accessories – organisers, digital notepads, a gorgeous iPad case – to better organise their workspace. There are also quirky paper weights, folders or coasters embossed with candid messages, to choose from.

The article was first published in August, 2015, and has been updated since.

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