5 MU Best Players This Season

5 MU Best Players This Season

Manchester United (MU) is enjoying an incredible start to the season. They are at the top with neighboring city, Manchester City because some players appear impressive Kaisarsbo.com.

The road to champion is still long. However, the beginning of this season already reflects the identity of MU which had lost in recent years.

It can be seen from some statistics that have been created them. In the Premier League, Manchester United successfully pack 21 goals in seven matches. Satan Meraj also performs 17.3 shots on target per game.

MU also averaged 54.8 percent of the ball possession and the great success of doing 85 percent passing perfectly. Well, behind it all there are brilliant actors so far.

Who are they? Here’s the list quoted Sportskeeda:

Henrikh Mkhitaryan

Manchester United player Henrikh Mkhitaryan (AP / Ivan Sekretarev)
The Armenian player had a troubled start to life at Manchester United last season. However, it did not make him give up.

This season, Mkhitaryan has recorded two goals and six assists in 10 appearances in all competitions. He is a good play in Mourinho’s system this year.

Miki, also has an average of two shots on goal, 2.7 key bait, and 85 percent perfect bait. This clearly indicates its existence is key for the Red Devils.

Phil Jones

It looks like the England central defender will never be able to meet the initial expectations. But this season he began to change the opinions of the critics.

Jones has a series of injuries that limit his appearance and game time. But now he’s back to the first team and playing regularly.

If Jones can keep fit throughout the season, he will be an important part of Mourinho’s army. So far he has proved himself very fantastic on the ball and also smart to read the opponent’s attack.

Anthony Martial

The French winger was probably okay last season. But he got a positive impression from Mourinho this year. He has come into this season with the right attitude and is now reaping the rewards.

Five goals and six assists showed that Martial was playing at the elite level. This will make him an important player in the long run.

Mourinho also had various opso to play it on the pitch, ranging from wings, shadow strikers, to man targets. Not to mention the speed in splitting the opponent’s defense that makes it very important for MU this season.

Nemanja Matic

Many Manchester United fans were initially skeptical of Mourinho’s decision to bring near-level Nemanja Matic to Old Trafford. However, gambling Mourinho paid.

Matic became a sensational purchase and it seems the price of 40 million pounds sterling is very cheap for a player of its level. He may be 28 years old, but looks fresh and has dominated MU midfield

Its existence makes Paul Pogba and Marouane Fellaini able to roam further ahead. The Serbian stood right in front of the defense and dictated the game from behind.

Romelu Lukaku

There is no surprise with Lukaku’s performance so far this season, which is why Antonio Conte really wants him at Chelsea. The 11 goals in 10 games shows the Belgian striker is phenomenal so far.

Lukaku has enjoyed his role as a Red Devils goal machine. Rarely do we see Lukaku very enjoy in scoring a goal when still at Everton. This is because he already has a great understanding with his teammates.

There is no doubt of my Luke. Even as he may not be very active in the game, especially against Crystal Palace, he appears and scores. Lukaku is a fantastic purchase for the current £ 75 million price.

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