AFF Cup U-18 2017: Thailand and Malaysia Berjaya

AFF Cup U-18 2017: Thailand and Malaysia Berjaya

The first day of the AFF U-18 Cup 2017 presents three teams as winners Baccarat Online. Two of them are Thailand and Malaysia are equally successful with a three-goal margin.

Thailand started their campaign in Group A AFF Cup U-18 2017 by facing East Timor at Thuwunna Stadium on Monday (4/9/2017). Unmitigated, Kritsada Kaman’s team captured three goals without reply.

They opened the party victory with the action Ekanit Panya in the 42nd minute. Furthermore, they increased the advantage through a penalty Nattawut Chootiwat in the 83rd minute. Coming to the end of the game, the benefits of the war elephant team increased thanks to Chaiwat Weerakijphanich.

Malaysia also started the adventure in Group A with impressive results. They conquered Laos 4-1 at Aung San Stadium. Their minimal preparation is completely invisible. Malaysia’s four goals came from two players.

Hadi Fayyadh Abdul Razak broke Laos’ goal in the 28th and 90th minutes. Meanwhile, two other goals dilesakkan Muhammad Akhyar Abdul Rashid in the 49th minute and 90th. Laos can only reply to one goal through Bounphachan Bounkong in the 48th minute.

In the other match, eight-goal drama takes place in a duel between Singapore and Cambodia. Singapore emerged as the winner with a score of 5-3.

Singapore’s goal scored by Muhammad Amirul Haikal Mohammad Hassim in the 11th minute, Daniel Syafiq Mustaffa 17th, 35th, 45th, and 63rd Jacob Mahler. While Cambodia’s three goals scored by Sin Kakada in the third minute, Touch Kimchay to-20, and Sieng Chanthea to-29.

Although both wins, Malaysia are entitled to top the Group A AFF Cup U-18 Group A 2017. They superior goal productivity over Thailand and superior goal difference over Singapore. Furthermore, all three teams will be back playing on September 6, 2017.

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