Away to Serui, Persib Ready-Out

Away to Serui, Persib Ready-Out

Tantan, Ismed Sofyan

Away to Serui, Persib Ready-Out

Persib Bandung did not want their trip to Serui, Papua, in vain. Thus, despite coming as guests, they still eyeing the victory when hosted host Persu Serui, at Marora Stadium, Saturday (29/07/2017).

“The toughest challenge is also on the way to Serui, but we will work hard to win,” said Tantan’s attacker, as quoted by Persib official website.

Tantan admitted, he did not really know the power Perseru. However, he did not want Persib home empty handed. “We’ll try because we used to play there,” Tantan said.

Tantan also called them to be extra vigilant when appearing in Marora. Because, although currently located in the bottom of the standings, said Tantan, Perseru will certainly have the motivation doubled during a meeting Persib.

Situation like this is often experienced Persib in previous matches. The clubs are in the bottom of the standings, it appears crazy when dealing with Persib.

Hope Jajang

Meanwhile, right-back Jajang Sukmara hoping to perform since the beginning in this fight. Understandably, throughout this season, not even a player who often called Jasuk is played as a starter.

“Main and not the authority of the coach, hopefully if it can be trusted the sweet results again as it used to be in Jayapura,” said Jajang.

Jajang does have good memories when performing in Papua. At ISC 2016, he made his debut as a starter when opponents Persipura and Persib won 2-0.

Opponent Perseru, Jajang opportunities as a starter is also quite large. The reason, Supardi is currently undergoing the pilgrimage. While Achmad Jufriyanto must undergo suspension sanctions.

To be able to achieve victory, Tantan certainly be aware of the hidden power of his opponent. Without seeing the rankings in the standings. Because, all opponents PERSIB always have the motivation doubled, not unless Perseru who appeared in the cage.

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