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Madura United Claims Loss Rp 2.15 Billion due to Komdis Sanction

Madura United Claims Loss Rp 2.15 Billion due to Komdis Sanction

Madura United have to undergo four matches remaining in League 1 with an outbreak status and no spectators Sanctions were dropped Komdis PSSI after a violation committed by team officials to the referee on the game counter Borneo FC.

As a result, in addition to loss because it is not supported by thousands of fans at home, management is also losing money from the financial side. For home games, management must spend more for travel and accommodation costs at the stadium.

As a result of the sanction of the outlaw, Madura United’s management claimed a loss of Rp 2.15 billion. Covers the claims of the Madura United sponsors who in the contract clause got the logo promotion right on the match tickets. Besides, of course, ticket income. Panpel was forced to return a single pass.

“It’s an outbreak game, no more spectators, the club must choose an appeal,” said Haruna Soemitro, manager of Madura United, as quoted from the club’s official website.

Club President, Achsanul Qosasi, hopes Komdis PSSI not carelessly in imposing sanctions. “PSSI must have soccer sanction guidelines so that punishment is not based on feelings and roughly, educate not kill, just without revenge,” said Achsanul.

Sanctions four fighting game feared will affect the performance of teams who are struggling for the title. Four remaining Madura United matches are versus Bhayangkara FC and Barito Putera, while two away games are versus PSM Makassar and Persiba Balikpapan.

Cambodia Make Indonesia As A Test Before Fighting Vietnam

Cambodia Make Indonesia As A Test Before Fighting Vietnam

The Cambodian national team has a special mission while undergoing a test match against Indonesia on Wednesday (4/10) at the Patriot Chandrabaga Stadium in Bekasi. They want to use this trial as a final preparation before serving Vietnam in the 2019 Asian Cup qualifying event.

Cambodia grouped in Group C, will travel to Vietnam’s headquarters at My Dinh Stadium, Hanoi, on October 10, 2017 or one week after meeting Indonesia.

“When the federation offered me to try against Indonesia, without further ado I immediately agreed. This is certainly useful for as a series of tests before Vietnam. Moreover, many new players in our squad, “said Cambodian coach Leonardo Vitorino.

The Brazilian coach did indeed include new names in his squad for the Asian Cup qualifiers against Vietnam. Surely with an opponent who is in quality of their worth, he hopes the debutant players can experience the game.

“A good match is my goal, but there is another target of giving new players a chance. Moreover, Indonesia has good players and good coaches, certainly very good to be our exam, “he added.

The same thing also expressed by Cambodian player, Thierry Chantha Bin. He admitted that all players are very eager to face the match against Indonesia. He assured his team would play the maximum and win as much as possible.

“As a player, we are very excited to welcome this fight because in preparation against Vietnam. Of course we will be happy, if we can win later, “said Thierry Chantha Bin.

Indonesia Vs Thailand, Fakhri Soroti Defense and Central Line

Indonesia Vs Thailand, Fakhri Soroti Defense and Central Line

Indonesia U-16 national team will play Thailand in the third qualifying match of Group G Asian Cup Qualification U-16. Duel will take place at Rajamangala Stadium, Bangkok, Wednesday (09/20/2017) evening at 19:30 pm.

U-16 national team coach Fakhri Husaini preparing his squad more mature. He has made several evaluations after seeing the results against Timor Leste where Garuda Asia got behind one goal before winning 3-1.

According to Fakhri, there are some weaknesses of U-16 national team that must be repaired immediately. The defense sector and center of concern.

“Some deficiencies in the defense sector and the middle of the field will be fixed during training later,” said Fakhri.

Fakhri will not underestimate the strength of the opponent. The reason, U-16 national team never lost to Thailand with a score of 0-1 AFF Cup U-16 in July 2017.

Admittedly, the Indonesian national team of various age levels is always difficult to face Thailand. In the SEA Games 2017, Indonesia U-23 national team draw with the score 1-1 against Thailand.

At the national team level U-19, Indonesia lost on penalties in the AFF Cup U-18 after a 0-0 draw for 90 minutes. What about U-16 level? We’re waiting for tonight.

Borneo FC Vs Persib Suspended, Maung Bandung Focus to Next Game

Borneo FC Vs Persib Suspended, Maung Bandung Focus to Next Game

Persib Bandung team entourage canceled off to Samarinda on Thursday (14/09/2017) morning, after the game to face host Borneo FC canceled after the schedule Baccarat Online.

Previously kick-off League 1 2017 match will take place at the Stadium Segiri, Samarinda, Saturday (16/09/2017), but had to be postponed because Borneo FC get sanction from Discipline Commission (Komdis) PSSI.

According to assistant coach Persib, Herrie Setyawan, Maung Bandung team had previously prepared as many as 18 players to face the game and the plan will depart from Husein Sastranegara Airport, Bandung.

“We got information from management that the match was postponed, but the reason I do not know,” Herrie said when contacted on Thursday (14/09/2017).

The cancellation of the away match makes the Maung Bandung team will again hold the training in preparation for the next match counter Bali United at home game at the Stadium Jalak Harupat, Bandung regency, Thursday (21/09/2017).

“Because we are off, we will continue training this afternoon to face the next opponent,” Herrie said.

AFF Cup U-18 2017: Thailand and Malaysia Berjaya

AFF Cup U-18 2017: Thailand and Malaysia Berjaya

The first day of the AFF U-18 Cup 2017 presents three teams as winners Baccarat Online. Two of them are Thailand and Malaysia are equally successful with a three-goal margin.

Thailand started their campaign in Group A AFF Cup U-18 2017 by facing East Timor at Thuwunna Stadium on Monday (4/9/2017). Unmitigated, Kritsada Kaman’s team captured three goals without reply.

They opened the party victory with the action Ekanit Panya in the 42nd minute. Furthermore, they increased the advantage through a penalty Nattawut Chootiwat in the 83rd minute. Coming to the end of the game, the benefits of the war elephant team increased thanks to Chaiwat Weerakijphanich.

Malaysia also started the adventure in Group A with impressive results. They conquered Laos 4-1 at Aung San Stadium. Their minimal preparation is completely invisible. Malaysia’s four goals came from two players.

Hadi Fayyadh Abdul Razak broke Laos’ goal in the 28th and 90th minutes. Meanwhile, two other goals dilesakkan Muhammad Akhyar Abdul Rashid in the 49th minute and 90th. Laos can only reply to one goal through Bounphachan Bounkong in the 48th minute.

In the other match, eight-goal drama takes place in a duel between Singapore and Cambodia. Singapore emerged as the winner with a score of 5-3.

Singapore’s goal scored by Muhammad Amirul Haikal Mohammad Hassim in the 11th minute, Daniel Syafiq Mustaffa 17th, 35th, 45th, and 63rd Jacob Mahler. While Cambodia’s three goals scored by Sin Kakada in the third minute, Touch Kimchay to-20, and Sieng Chanthea to-29.

Although both wins, Malaysia are entitled to top the Group A AFF Cup U-18 Group A 2017. They superior goal productivity over Thailand and superior goal difference over Singapore. Furthermore, all three teams will be back playing on September 6, 2017.

Spasojevic Can not Treat Treatment

Spasojevic Can not Treat Treatment

Many praised the change of Bhayangkara FC against the second round of the League competition, one of them Thiago Furtuoso with Ilija Spasojevic in the attack line Agen Bola Terpercaya.

Expectations are proven. One goal and one assist booked Spaso in his debut match with Bhayangkara FC, while defeating Sriwijaya FC on Sunday (08/20/2017).

However, Simon McMenemy is reluctant to flatter too much. Bhayangkara FC coach did not give special privileges to Spaso.

“The arrival of Spaso actually baseball changed many previous patterns. Before he came, the team also went well. So why should change things that have been going well? “Said FC Bhayangkara coach Simon McMenemy, Friday (25/08/2017).

“Only, the arrival of Spaso did give effect to the team’s physical game because he has a strong physical. Instead of Thiago who used to run behind the opposing defender, Spaso was stronger in holding the ball, and could be more in support of other players’ games. So look at the game like a wall (reflector), “he said.

Simon was reluctant to give special treatment to Spaso. Although on the one hand, he still hopes, the former Malacca United striker can answer the challenge as a solution to the final problem experienced by the team during the first round melakoni.

“I hope the arrival of Spaso will be our solution to the finishing problem, because he is also a hard worker. He was imported not only for big salaries, but to help Indonesian football, “Simon said.

“Spaso knows he has to work hard. Because otherwise I would not hesitate to install Ilham (Udin Armayn) or Dendi (Sulistyawan), who I believe have the ability to play well (score goals), “he said.

In the next game, Bhayangkara FC will be hosted by Persegres Gresik United at Petrokimia Stadium, Gresik, Saturday (08/26/2017) night. Simon also has its own views, related venues that will be used in the game.

“I did not get closer to the pitch, but when viewed from above, it looks like the surface of the pitch is hard and can make the game difficult. However, I think it’s the same with another away game, so when playing away it is difficult, “said Simon.

For the sake of Lolos, Hansamu et al Obligatory Control of Emotions on Indonesia Vs Cambodia

For the sake of Lolos, Hansamu et al Obligatory Control of Emotions on Indonesia Vs Cambodia

The fate of the national team (team) U-22 Indonesia can be determined by the number of yellow and red cards at the SEA Games 2017.

The scenario applies if Indonesia U-22 national team just 2-0 win over Cambodia in Group B’s final match at Shah Alam Stadium, Selangor, Thursday (24/08/2017).

Meanwhile, the match between Thailand and Vietnam ended with the score 0-0 at the same time.

The two results will make Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam both collect eleven points from five games.

Vietnam is certain to qualify as group winners armed with a large goal difference. As for Indonesia and Thailand will record the identical goal difference, namely seven insert and one conceded.

Keep in mind that after the number of points, goal difference, and productivity enter, head-to-head becomes the next deciding aspect.

For the last measure, Indonesia and Thailand are also balanced for playing the series 0-0 in the inaugural match, Tuesday (15/08/2017).

After that, the penalty shoot scenario can be an option with a note, both teams meet in the final match. It can not be applied because Indonesia met Cambodia, while Thailand met Vietnam.

Standings Group B if Indonesia’s 2-0 win over Cambodia and Vietnam Vs Thailand ends 0-0:

1. Vietnam 5 3 2 0 12-1 +11 11
2. Thailand 5 3 2 0 7-1 +6 11
3. Indonesia 5 3 2 0 7-1 +6 11

Therefore, the next aspect becomes the determinant, namely the number of yellow and red cards. It is a concern as Luis Milla’s men have collected nine yellow cards and one red card in four matches.

Finally, Hanif Sjahbandi rewarded two yellow cards plus one red card when Indonesia and Vietnam drew 0-0 on Tuesday (22/08/2017).

Referring to Fair Play Criteria, what did Hanif bear fruit minus three points.

Keep in mind for each yellow card rewarded one point deduction, straight red card four points, and a yellow card followed by a straight red card five points.

Therefore, coach Luis Milla not only need to encourage foster children to pursue many goals, but also minimize the penalty card.

Otherwise, the Garuda Young teenager team could fail to fly to the semis only because of the disciplinary report card.

The Indonesia vs Cambodia national team match will be broadcast live by TVRI and SCTV at 15.00 WIB.

2 Player Not Joined Indonesia National Team U-19

Timnas Indonesia U-19

2 Player Not Joined Indonesia National Team U-19

Indonesian national team coach U-19 Indra Sjafri has not been able to ensure Saddil Ramdani and Asnawi Mangku Bahar join or not in the AFF U-18 2017. The reason, he still measures the ability of his team in the next four weeks in the training camp (TC) in Yogyakarta.

So far, Indonesia U-19 national team has been two days undergoing TC. However, both players who have defended Indonesian national team U-22 was not yet joined.

“We see first they need to join or not, if it is enough, this team alone is enough,” said Indra after practice at GOR UNY, Tuesday (08/01/2017).

He also did not rule out will call other players if there is a good player. However, so far Indra has not found a good player outside the existing team.

“Players are good now,” he said.

Indra also gave opportunity to Charalambos Elias David, a player from Indonesia of Greek descent, to follow TC. He will enter Elias into the core team if he can compete with the existing striker.

“We give a week to see Elias,” Indra said.

Away to Serui, Persib Ready-Out

Tantan, Ismed Sofyan

Away to Serui, Persib Ready-Out

Persib Bandung did not want their trip to Serui, Papua, in vain. Thus, despite coming as guests, they still eyeing the victory when hosted host Persu Serui, at Marora Stadium, Saturday (29/07/2017).

“The toughest challenge is also on the way to Serui, but we will work hard to win,” said Tantan’s attacker, as quoted by Persib official website.

Tantan admitted, he did not really know the power Perseru. However, he did not want Persib home empty handed. “We’ll try because we used to play there,” Tantan said.

Tantan also called them to be extra vigilant when appearing in Marora. Because, although currently located in the bottom of the standings, said Tantan, Perseru will certainly have the motivation doubled during a meeting Persib.

Situation like this is often experienced Persib in previous matches. The clubs are in the bottom of the standings, it appears crazy when dealing with Persib.

Hope Jajang

Meanwhile, right-back Jajang Sukmara hoping to perform since the beginning in this fight. Understandably, throughout this season, not even a player who often called Jasuk is played as a starter.

“Main and not the authority of the coach, hopefully if it can be trusted the sweet results again as it used to be in Jayapura,” said Jajang.

Jajang does have good memories when performing in Papua. At ISC 2016, he made his debut as a starter when opponents Persipura and Persib won 2-0.

Opponent Perseru, Jajang opportunities as a starter is also quite large. The reason, Supardi is currently undergoing the pilgrimage. While Achmad Jufriyanto must undergo suspension sanctions.

To be able to achieve victory, Tantan certainly be aware of the hidden power of his opponent. Without seeing the rankings in the standings. Because, all opponents PERSIB always have the motivation doubled, not unless Perseru who appeared in the cage.

PREDICTION Mongolia vs Indonesia: Garuda Young Weight Measures

PREDICTION Mongolia vs Indonesia: Garuda Young Weight Measures

Indonesia U-22 national team underwent a bad start when undergoing the inaugural match of U-23 Asian Cup qualifying. Skuat Luis Milla defeated Malaysia with a landslide score 0-3 at Thailand National Stadium on Wednesday (20/7). Garuda Young Opportunity to qualify for the Asian Cup is not yet closed but once again the move was very heavy because they had to wipe the victory in the remaining game.

Now in the second game Evan Dimas cs been awaited Mongolia. To win victory from East Asia is not an easy task. Considering they managed to hold the draw host Thailand as well as a strong candidate from this group with a score of 1-1. How about the game? Following predictions.

Warranty changes have been expressed by the coach from Luis Milla in the next two games. Especially players who will fill the starting line up. Evan Dimas and Hansamu Yama who only play from the bench in the second round when meeting Malaysia will certainly come down from scratch.

Evan makes the game Indonesia changed better when entering as a substitute kalaam Malaysia. And Hansamu Yama is expected to provide a sense of security in the back that looks battered when meeting Malaysia.

While this makes the task even harder because Indonesia does not have a definite picture of Mongolia’s strength squad. Considering not much information about Mongolian football. Maybe the only one that can be used as a reference game against Thailand yesterday. But that seems not enough. Thailand vs Mongolia game itself takes place in a very bad field conditions akbitat rain.

Once again the opportunity of Indonesia is still not closed. Hopefully there is a glimmer of hope that appears so that they managed to silence the criticism after the defeat of Malaysia opponents.

Key Players:

Tuguldur Munkh-Erdene (Mongolia)

The player is a savior in the fight against Thailand. His penalty in the 88th minute saw his side manage to hold back the hosts. It is only through the point of penalty scored dilesakkan but Indonesia’s defense once again must be disciplined in this fight if you do not want to be the opponent attacker month-month.

Hansamu Yama (Indonesia)

Too risky of course for Luis Milla to entrust the duet center back Andi Setyo and Bagas Adi remember they make too many mistakes in the game against Malaysia. Maybe one place can be given to Hansamu Yama to keep the sense of security in the back line. Moreover, he was one of the discipline defender and willing to work hard. Indonesia really needs the performance of this Barito player.

Prediction of Indonesian players

4-3-3: Satria Tama; Gavin Kwan Adsit, Hansamu Yama Pranata, Bagas Adi, Rezaldi Hehanusa; Evan Dimas, Hanif Sjahbandi, Muhammad Hargianto; Yabes Roni, Saddil Ramdani, Marinus Manewar.

Prediction score Mongolia vs Indonesia

The task is not easy to win Indonesia won this fight. The key is not to make too many mistakes like when meeting Malaysia. If it’s guaranteed winning is not a dream.