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Mendy Immediately Under Medical Test at City

Mendy Immediately Under Medical Test at City

Manchester City reportedly has now managed to convince Monaco to remove services Benjamin Mendy, who is believed to be priced with a dowry of 52 Million Pounds Sterling.

Left Back French nationality has indeed attracted the attention of Pep Guardiola throughout last season, and the figure of the Spanish national coach is optimistic that Mendy is one of the puzzle pieces he needs to complete the depth of the City squad.

The £ 52m budget is believed to be more than enough to convince Monaco to take it off, and reportedly, the 23-year-old figure has flown to Los Angeles, to take a medical club test and take her to mingle with City’s premier squad for pre-season United States of America.

Throughout the 2016-2017 season, Mendy is known to be the backbone for Monaco in the Left Back sector, with a contribution of 1 goal and eleven assists, out of 36 matches in various competitions.

Rooney Predicted Will Make Room Atmosphere Change Everton More Excited

Rooney Predicted Will Make Room Atmosphere Change Everton More Excited

Everton captain Gareth Barry believes full presence Wayne Rooney will make the atmosphere of the Everton changing room more excited Bandar Judi Sbobet.

Rooney experienced Manchester United won many trophies will make the other Everton players more excited. Experience that is transmitted Rooney is believed to add Everton power to compete in the Premier League next season is growing.

Barry himself has felt a positive aura since Rooney was present. Other players are so enthusiastic about interacting with the star to ask for suggestions and feedback to perform well on the pitch. If this is consistently executed, then Everton will continue to shelter slick performance throughout the season.

“The arrival of Wayne has added a lot of experience. He knows everything about being a winner, so it’s a great recruit for us and an important recruiter for the dressing room, “Barry told the Daily Star.

“In terms of squad depth, it is the strongest. With a blend of energy and young players we have, as well as experience, it looks very good, “he said again.

Premier League competition next season is predicted to be more competitive. The big clubs spend deep to deepen their squad. Everton did not want to lose. In addition to Rooney, they also bring Michael Keane, Davy Klaassen and Jordan Pickford.

“We all know the Premier League is very competitive. There is a lot of money that other clubs waste to buy top players. It is very important for us to play the qualifying round in the Europa League. We will strengthen the squad. Not just for the Premier League. We realize that in the last few seasons it is so difficult that the club learns to make our squad even stronger, “Barry continued. (Source: Daily Star / Telegraph)

Wenger Asks Wilshere To Work Hard

Wenger Asks Wilshere To Work Hard

Arsenal coach Arsene Wenger can not give assurance about the future of Jack Wilshere, and hope the player will work hard to recover from injury.

In the 2016/17 season, the England midfielder underwent a loan period with AFC Bournemouth, where he suffered a severe injury in the final half of the season.

In recent years, the career of the player is always colored with injuries, and Wenger hopes the player can recover and return to play Arsenal.

“Yes, I think next season Jack will stay with Arsenal,” the Frenchman told reporters.

“I will give a focused answer to that question. But to get back, he must be willing to work hard, and fight for a place in the first team. ”

“But when he’s ready, when he comes back, he certainly will not practice away from the first team.”

Francis: Bournemouth Must Break the Eight Great

Francis: Bournemouth Must Break the Eight Great

Bournemouth team captain, Simon Francis stated that the 2017-2018 season his team must be able to finish in the top Taruhan Bola Online.

Last season, The Cherries recorded finish the Premier League in the rankings to nine with 46 points pack.

But after getting some of the top players in the transfer market, the 32-year-old player wants his team to be ranked better in the summer.

“Eddie always wants to keep improving, where he always wants better and we also have to be better as a team. I think he has made a statement with the signing he made, ”

“We had a great season last season, which is fantastic for the club.

“For the past five to six years I’ve been here always sure we have a good group and we want to push the next season again. If we had a successful season again, then there’s no reason why we can not get in the top eight. I truly believe. “Simon Francis told the media.