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Makelele Remembers Style Main Own if See Action Casemiro

Makelele Remembers Style Main Own if See Action Casemiro

Former Real Madrid midfielder Claude Makelele believes that Casemiro’s style of play is very similar to him while still active in the club.

Claude Makelele played for Real Madrid from 2000 to 2003.

He judged, of all Real Madrid midfielder at this time, Casemiro most approached him in terms of style of play.

“Yes, I remember playing my own style when I saw Casemiro, many thought that midfielders like us just needed to run, but we had to have a good positioning,” Makelele told from Squawka.

“He’s smart and good at putting himself,” he went on.

However, there is one thing that is considered to distinguish Casemiro with Makelele.

“He can score goals, that’s one thing I rarely do,” Makalele said.

Casemiro did appear sharp with the team beralanas Los Blancos it.

The Brazilian has played 114 times and scored goals and assist each nine times.

Problem Issues Join MU, It’s Ronaldo’s Answer

Problem Issues Join MU, It’s Ronaldo’s Answer

Throughout the transfer market last summer, Cristiano Ronaldo is rumored to be leaving Real Madrid Agen Judi. He continues to be reported back to his old club, Manchester United (MU).

This news is so busy talked about because Ronaldo upset with allegations of tax evasion case. Therefore, he continues to be reported to join United.

He is annoyed with tax evasion charges he did in 2011-2014. Ronaldo is accused of taxing 14 million euros. In fact, Real Madrid’s mainstay player was threatened seven years in prison.

Simpang siurnya news makes Ronaldo open voice. The Portuguese national team insists he will not leave Real Madrid.

“If you’re a great player, everyone will be talking about you.Going from Real Madrid, you hear that right from my mouth, everybody is talking about it every day,” said Ronaldo, as quoted by Football Espana.

Wait for New Contract

The player is identical with the number 7 back is actually waiting for a new contract from Real Madrid. In fact, the contract is still left four years away.

“My contract is a good question, I’m very happy, but it’s a question for the President who can answer it better than me,” Ronaldo said.

“Now I just wait for some things that will happen naturally,” said the man who started his professional career with Sporting CP.

Valverde Pleased With Barcelona Performance

Valverde Pleased With Barcelona Performance

Barcelona coach Mario Ernesto Valverde admitted that he was happy with the performance displayed by his team.

In their opening six games in La Liga, Barcelona successfully gain full points and has a difference of 7 points from Real Madrid in the standings.

And the coach openly praised the spirit shown by his players in six already played matches.

“The spirit in this team is very good,” said the Spaniard after the 3-0 victory his team won from Girona.

“We are trying to unite our front and back lines. What I love most about this team is that they are already working hard to work hard. “