Chamberlain: Klopp Make Sure I Join Liverpool

Chamberlain: Klopp Make Sure I Join Liverpool

Liverpool’s new recruit, Alex Oxlade Chamberlain has stated that the figure of Jurgen Klopp makes him choose to continue his football career at Anfield for the long term.

Joining the player to Merseyside is not easy, the article is also interested in his services and the West London club also ensures a place in the main squad for the Blues. While Arsenal still trying to maintain it with a fantastic contract value offered for a long time.

However, the British national team retainer refused to stay in Emiates stadium where the former Southampton player would prefer to continue his career at another club and for him Jurgen is a very inspirational figure for young players as it seems. Evidently some youth in the academy are now managed to get a chance to play in the main squad.

“I feel sure this place is the place for me and the way the coach team plays, it must be in-country for me and merupajan one of the instrumental reasons. If not the main reason I signed a contract, “said Alex Oxlade Chamberlain.

“How Klopp pushes you, pushes you and demands from you. It’s like a bonus, that’s what makes it special to me.

“That’s one reason why I feel he is the one I want to come and play because I feel I can really push me and hopefully get the best of me and take me to the next level.

“Even when neutral observed him last season, you can see he is a very interesting character and a man who seems very inspirational to people who are not even involved in the club. Watch it, you see the passion and how much he cares about the game. ”

Meanwhile, the weekend against Manchester City Chambo can make his debut since the early minutes of the game and in addition to be expected to give victory on the weekend, the players in his first season can provide important titles and help the Merseyside club penetrate the top of the Premier League standings ,

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