PREDICTION Mongolia vs Indonesia: Garuda Young Weight Measures

PREDICTION Mongolia vs Indonesia: Garuda Young Weight Measures

Indonesia U-22 national team underwent a bad start when undergoing the inaugural match of U-23 Asian Cup qualifying. Skuat Luis Milla defeated Malaysia with a landslide score 0-3 at Thailand National Stadium on Wednesday (20/7). Garuda Young Opportunity to qualify for the Asian Cup is not yet closed but once again the move was very heavy because they had to wipe the victory in the remaining game.

Now in the second game Evan Dimas cs been awaited Mongolia. To win victory from East Asia is not an easy task. Considering they managed to hold the draw host Thailand as well as a strong candidate from this group with a score of 1-1. How about the game? Following predictions.

Warranty changes have been expressed by the coach from Luis Milla in the next two games. Especially players who will fill the starting line up. Evan Dimas and Hansamu Yama who only play from the bench in the second round when meeting Malaysia will certainly come down from scratch.

Evan makes the game Indonesia changed better when entering as a substitute kalaam Malaysia. And Hansamu Yama is expected to provide a sense of security in the back that looks battered when meeting Malaysia.

While this makes the task even harder because Indonesia does not have a definite picture of Mongolia’s strength squad. Considering not much information about Mongolian football. Maybe the only one that can be used as a reference game against Thailand yesterday. But that seems not enough. Thailand vs Mongolia game itself takes place in a very bad field conditions akbitat rain.

Once again the opportunity of Indonesia is still not closed. Hopefully there is a glimmer of hope that appears so that they managed to silence the criticism after the defeat of Malaysia opponents.

Key Players:

Tuguldur Munkh-Erdene (Mongolia)

The player is a savior in the fight against Thailand. His penalty in the 88th minute saw his side manage to hold back the hosts. It is only through the point of penalty scored dilesakkan but Indonesia’s defense once again must be disciplined in this fight if you do not want to be the opponent attacker month-month.

Hansamu Yama (Indonesia)

Too risky of course for Luis Milla to entrust the duet center back Andi Setyo and Bagas Adi remember they make too many mistakes in the game against Malaysia. Maybe one place can be given to Hansamu Yama to keep the sense of security in the back line. Moreover, he was one of the discipline defender and willing to work hard. Indonesia really needs the performance of this Barito player.

Prediction of Indonesian players

4-3-3: Satria Tama; Gavin Kwan Adsit, Hansamu Yama Pranata, Bagas Adi, Rezaldi Hehanusa; Evan Dimas, Hanif Sjahbandi, Muhammad Hargianto; Yabes Roni, Saddil Ramdani, Marinus Manewar.

Prediction score Mongolia vs Indonesia

The task is not easy to win Indonesia won this fight. The key is not to make too many mistakes like when meeting Malaysia. If it’s guaranteed winning is not a dream.

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